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Why You're Here

I understand why you are here


People usually don't stumble across my page by accident. They are usually directed to it by a deep desire of wanting more. More out of life, more energy, more happiness, and more fulfillment. I understand where you are coming from. Wanting change, wanting a better body, wanting to feel better about yourself. I was there too, I know, I've been through it. That's why I'm a coach now. I wanted more for myself, dug in really deep and figured out how to get it. Now it's my mission to help others do for themselves what I did for myself. I understand it's not easy, but it's worth it. It's worth it to have more energy, sleep better, have a clear head, have goals and reach them.  It's important to love your body and have radiating confidence. It's important to show up for your family as the best version of yourself as you can possibly be.

If you are reading this you are in the right place. When people come to me they are serious about change. They are ready to get down to business because that's what we do. We transform you. You, your body and your life.  We don't hold back, we make it happen. It's the real deal. So if you are truly ready I am here to support, guide and assist you through your transformation of a lifetime.

A certified coach who cares


Having been in the health and fitness industry for over 16 years Amy understands the vital keys to lasting health and fitness success. Amy is a certified personal trainer, certified sports nutritionist and certified life coach. She is also a pro fitness competitor having competed in 7 fitness competitions. She won the international Fitness Universe Ms. Bikini America Classic Division title in 2016 and the Muscle Mania Overall Champion at the Palm Desert Competition in 2017.

Amy started her journey as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at New York Sports Club. She moved on to Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood where she worked as a group fitness instructor. There she picked up another certification for group fitness  through the Madonna Grimmes Certification Program.

Once Amy decided to leave the gym environment, she graduated into the world of competitive fitness. She competed in NPC, at the famous Muscle Beach, and is a current professional competitor for Muscle Mania.

Being that Amy has worked in so many different areas of the of the fitness industry  she has an extremely well rounded knowledge base that enables her to give her clients the guidance and support they need.

What we do


When someone becomes a client, they become a member of the family. Thats is the level of support and care I provide. Each and every fitness plan is  specifically tailored to each individual. You get 100% of the support and guidance needed to crush your fitness goals. Everyone gets a specialized meal plan and workout routine. We have regular check in's, weigh in's and support on demand. Everything you need to succeed is right here. For more information contact amy at her email amyzeal2@gmail.com.

Looking forward to working with you soon.